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6 reasons why you should visit UAE at least ones in your life

Updated: Feb 20

Probably everyone in their life has heard about the UAE and Dubai in particular. Millions of people had already visited the United Arab Emirates and probably every second person wants to go back. What is so interesting there?

Unforgettable Arabian nights in the desert

You can start your journey in the desert with a safari and continue with a barbecue. The stars are big and bright, you can hear the silence and the sounds of the campfire. What could be more beautiful?

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

It is one of the biggest mosques in the world and opulence abounds. There is an atmosphere of quiet reverence and tranquility here

An azure sea, white beaches, and a very pleasant temperature

This is another pretty obvious one, but definitely one of the main draws for visitors. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year and over 1,000km of coastline, you’re never too far away from getting your tan on

Amazing sunrise and sunset

The breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset are surrounded by magic. It's impossible to take your eyes off this stunning huge sun and golden sky

A thriving foodie scene

UAE is a bespoke foodie’s heaven; there’s not a doubt about it. There’s a representation of every culture’s cuisine: Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, Indian, Iranian, Afghani, Chinese, Emirati, Moroccan, Egyptian, Russian and many, many more.

It's a multi-cultural melting pot

With almost 200 different nationalities calling it home, and a massive 90% of the population coming from outside the country, Dubai is arguably one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Arabic is the official language of the UAE. Since around 75% of Dubai’s population are expatriates, English is still the most spoken language in Dubai.

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