Setting Up Your Freelance license

We can say that Freelance setup is easiest way to get UAE resident visa and to carry out your work legally.

This type of permit is perfect for self employed professional individuals.


What is a Freelance:

  • Essentially, a freelance job is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed. Freelancers are not considered “employees” by the companies they work for, but rather “contractors.”


Freelancing offers a wide range of advantages, including having better work flexibility, the freedom to explore as many income opportunities as you can and the right to choose the projects you want to work on. With these advantages, it’s easy to see why many professionals in the UAE are choosing to work as freelancers.

However, to work as a freelancer in the UAE, you need a residence visa and a freelancer licence. 

A freelancer licence allows you to operate in your personal capacity in the UAE and legally provide professional services to clients. Many UAE Free Zones issue freelancer licences, such as Dubai Media CityAjman Free Zone, Dubai South etc.

Freelancer licences are available at affordable rates, allowing you to work across a wide array of business activities, ranging from consultancy, events management, and education, to film production, new media and entertainment. 

The cost of a freelance permit or licence depends on the free zone where you will register. Freelancer licence packages start from AED 7,500 per year. However, additional costs may apply if you need a freelancer visa. 

Frequently asked questions

Am I allowed to use a company name?

No. The freelance permit is issued under your name only.

Can I open corporate bank account?

No, you cannot open corporate bank account. You can open personal bank account. Cheques will have your name, and all the transactions will be carried out under your name only.

Can I sponsor my dependents?

Yes! After your visa has been stamped, you can apply for residence visa for your dependents

Can I sponsor any employees?

No, you can’t hire or sponsor any employees via your freelance permit.

I am employed in a company but want to do a part-time job as a freelancer. Is it possible?

You can do a part-time freelance job, but in the majority of the free zones where you can get a freelance permit you need to provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your visa sponsor (employer) in order to setup your freelance permit there. Umm Al Quwain free zones provides permits without NOC.

When applying for my salary certificate, what amount do I declare?

For the purpose of getting a salary certificate you will need to provide an estimate on what your expected salary could be. This certificate may be required for opening a bank account or sponsoring your dependents.

Do I then need to put the same amount into my bank account?

It is not necessary to deposit the same amount into your bank account.

What does NOC mean?

NOC os No objection certificate. If you are sponsored and employed by another company, and you decide to leave that company in order to obtain the freelance permit, the company will need to issue a release letter of no objection (NOC) for you to apply for the freelance permit. If you have already cancelled your visa then the NOC will not be required; only the visa cancellation page. If you are sponsored by your spouse or parent to reside in the UAE, you only need a letter of no objection (NOC) from them. You are not required to change your visa status.