Public Relationship (PRO) services

EmiraZone can help you save time and money - and remove the hassle related to licences, visas and other business admin tasks - even if your original company license was not issued through EmiraZone.

EmiraZone will professionally take care of any paperwork you may need for your personal and business life in the UAE. 


Why Emirazone PRO services?

  • EmiraZone takes full responsibility that the job will be done correctly

  • EmiraZone has full responsibility for your money and you have documentary Invoices for any job you order

  • EmiraZone provides you all government receipts and you can be sure there are no money hidden in the pocket

Interesting to know about PRO in UAE

  • PRO - Public Relations Officer is a person in a company, who is doing daily “running around” jobs between the company and different government authorities. Such a person manage applications for visas and labor cards, attestation of company and personal  documents, family visas, etc.

         PRO Motto: 

         You save time = you save money


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